Stop Moving!
or how to prevent you from walking away…

Stop moving!

February 18th 2009 in General

Welcome to Stop moving!

yes, you might say its just another bondage site, but we focus on bondage containing zentai, catsuits, mummification, selfbondage and vacuum bondage. And as the subtitle might already reveal we try to use everything to make you stay in your place, even if its only a pair of heels or whatever.

Another part will be DIY instructions to build some helpers or tools to have more fun, and also work with all kinds of household tools.

So just sit back, relax and enjoy your stay! And as always: Feel free to help and add information or feedback!

The StopMoving team!

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You might wonder, what I am talking about at all.. and I think the easiest way to explain you is with a few videos:

One of the things is the vacuum bondage, which you might get an idea from this: [youtube VBXQjkutsoI].

As you might already have noticed: Those movies are not from us, since we are [...]

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