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Do it yourself vac sac part 1

July 27th 2010 in Vacuum, self bondage

As I already mentioned in this post one of the things I find interesting is vacuum bondage. As you probably saw in the video, those girls used a standard garbage bag and a vacuum cleaner.
When you tried this one on your own you might have found a few limitations with this idea:

  • size of the bag
  • way of using the vacuum cleaner to suck out the air from the bag
  • switching on/off of the vacuum cleaner

Thinking about all those limitations, I came up with the idea of writing some kind of DIY instructions to have some fun similar to the videos above but with better results.

First of all we need a list of tools and parts for our project:

  • two garbage bags (best is 240l bags, since they are quite big) or one really big bag
  • of course a vacuum cleaner (preferrably one with an optional hole to prevent it from getting hot while sucking out too much air)
  • a few meters of duct tape (to connect the two bags together)
  • a pu pipe (plastic) used for water pipes, around 1 inch wide and about 39″ long (one meter)
  • a drilling machine
  • and optional a remote switch for the vacuum cleaner to switch it on/off from inside the bag in case you plan to play on your own

How to use the stuff from above?

First of all use the drilling machine to make some small holes along the pu pipe, lets say every 5 to 6 inch (around 12 to 15 cm). And also make them not only along one line, but around the pipe. This is important, since sucking out the air later might result in holes being closed by the bag, and therefore more holes allow for more air to be sucked out.

After that, cut off the bottom of one of the two bags (in case you use two) so that you have almost a tube. Connect that tube to the second bag that is still intact to create a larger version. Thats where the duct tape comes into game. Tape the two bags together all around to make the seam airtight. This way you get a even bigger bag with enough space to sit into.

Next you should make a small hole at the bottom of the bag where you enter the pipe and put it as far inside as possible so that you only have 2 or 3 inches of the pipe outside the bag. Seal this also with duct tape to make it air tight and to prevent the bag from ripping here.

more to follow in the next part…

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