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Do it yourself vac sac part 1

July 27th 2010

As I already mentioned in this post one of the things I find interesting is vacuum bondage. As you probably saw in the video, those girls used a standard garbage bag and a vacuum cleaner. When you tried this one on your own you might have found a few limitations with this idea: size of [...]

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How to use a wet suit for bondage

June 2nd 2010

or better said: Use a neoprene wetsuit for selfbondage… Being a person that is looking for all kinds of good or funny ways to tie myself up or being tied up, I took a quick look through all the things I have in the closet. Suddenly my thick wetsuit (5mm) came to my eyes and [...]

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zip ties selfbondage

May 3rd 2010

Hi folks, it has been a while since I uploaded the last short clip, but you know, being busy keeps you from doing what you want. So here you have the latest clip featuring my red velvet zentai, overknee high heel boots and of course quite a few strong zip ties (cable ties) that won’t [...]

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Snake High Heels and cable ties

December 23rd 2009

Hi again folks, after finding a great pair of snake print high heels that match my snake zentai I thought I should buy them and bring them right to live with a short clip. Since I used some rope the last time I chose to use some rather solid cable ties this time (15″ long [...]

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Rope selfbondage in high heels

December 1st 2009

Hi everybody, a few weeks ago I thought I should start shooting some selfbondage videos to put it here on my site. I started off with a shot of me wearing a leopard zentai with leopard high heels and tied together my feet with some rope. The result can be seen here: I hope you [...]

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